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We makes cast using sand casting and investment casting process
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ITOKOH CEPERINDO. Co. Ltd or PT. ITOKOH CEPERINDO, a foreign capital companies from Japan. Established by means of Foreign Capital Investment. Located in Klaten, Central Java, Indonesia, its aim is participating in the industrial world advancement and development in Indonesia.

PT. ITOKOH CEPERINDO is active in the field of alloy steel casting industry in general, and stainless steel in particular. It is the branch of ITOKOH CO.LTD. JAPAN, a company with two generation's experience in alloy steel casting. The long experience is a guarantee for the quality of its products, which grows better and better with time. We have new division (LOST-WAX) specially product is investment castings.

Product facilities of PT. ITOKOH CEPERINDO are Pattern Shop (JIS Standard), Sand Reclaimer (5 tons/hour), 300 kgs. High Frequency Induction Furnaces, VRH Jact (Co² process), Shot Blasting, Sand Blasting, Cutting, Grinding Machines, Heat Treatment Furnaces and Spectrometers for material analysis.

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