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Product Profile
Product Profile:
  1. Pump [Casing, Impeller, Cover, Front & Rear Lining, Stuffing Box, etc.]
  2. Paper Mills [DDR Body, Cover, Disk refiner, Shaft, etc.]
  3. Glass Mould [Plate, plunger, Bowl, etc.]
  4. Boiler Part [Chain, Sprocket, Stopper, etc.]
  5. Blas Shoot Part [Blade, Control Cage, Side Liner, etc.]
  6. Heat Treatment Part [Anealing Pot & Cover, Base Tray, Grating, etc.]
  7. Part Crusher [Cone Crusher, Jaw Crusher, etc]
  8. Food Machine Parts
Type of Material That Our Production:

SCS-13, SCS-14, SUS-329 (Duplex), SCH-12, SCH-13, SCH-22, SUS-310, SUS 304, SUS-431, SUS-420, S45C, SCMn, SCMnH11, SCMnCr2, High Manganese Steel, CICr, Inconel, HI-Cr, etc.
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